About Us

Charleston Photoworks features the fine art photography of artists J.R. & Christina Getches. We specialize in unique:

  • -Engagement photos,
  • -Wedding photography
  • -Video
  • -Portraits and,
  • -Fine art photography.
Our photography is exhibited at some of the most exclusive art galleries in Charleston, SC, prominent magazines, and online publications.

Why hire Charleston Photoworks for your needs?

Because we are different! We produce uniquely creative, stunning images that stand apart from the ordinary. We’re definitely not your run of the mill photography service. We produce art, customized just for you!

  • We fit your budget:
    Charleston has become one of the most desirable wedding destinations in the country. When you hire Charleston Photoworks, prepare to be pleasantly surprised at our affordability and quality compared to other photography services in the region.
  • We listen:
    When you hire Charleston Photoworks, we become a partner, committed to helping you create the engagement, wedding, portrait photography of your dreams.
  • We’re different:
    There’s a lot of wedding photographers out there and there’s a lot of “sameness” to their images. If you want unique, creative, meaningfully beautiful images for your big day, come talk with us.
  • Fine art photography:
    J.R. Is featured at some of the finest art galleries in Charleston, SC. Currently you can view his work at Charleston Artist Guild, and Revealed Gallery. Both galleries are part of the popular art walk events in Charleston.
  • Our weddings:
    You will be amazed at our affordability. Why do we undercharge? Because first and foremost we are artists. We live to make art. It is a privilege to be brought into your world, to make art just for you. You can spend an average of $3,000, and some much more, for wedding photography in Charleston. We only charge $1,200, for a full day plus a video.
  • Family portraits:
    Just like our engagements and wedding photography, we give you impeccable customer service before, during, and after. We create masterpieces just for you. Our individual and family portrait sessions are fun and comfortable.
  • Stand out from the crowd:
    Just browse our online gallery here and you will see the difference between “good” photography and fine art photography.

Our work has appeared in printed and online magazines – Dance Magazine, The New York Times, Burst Magazine Greece, The Post & Courier, The Charleston City Paper, and The Charleston Visitor's Center

Contact us: Give us a call, drop us an email, or visit a J.R. Getches gallery show. We are here to serve you!